Stippling Brush Review

I had a very successful eBay find about a month ago now! I know quite a lot of people rave about the Real Techniques stippling brush and how good it is. However as I'm now on a very tight budget, as much as I'd like that buy the Real Techniques brush I cannot really justify spending £15(?) on a brush. So I decided to try trusted eBay and I have definitely succeeded! I when I found the brush I was a little dubious as it is from China and I know that sometimes the products are really naff. But for £1.19 I thought that even if it doesn't turn up it's not that I've spent loads of money and be worried about getting my money back. 

I have to admit the brush did take AGES to arrive! Alright it came from China but come on I'm sure it travelled via an owl. 

The packaging of the product wasn't very much, just a couple of seal envelopes. 

The brush on the other hand is AMAZING. I know it's just a little cheap one but compared to my original foundation brush, the bristles on this one are super soft! I want to stroke my face all day with it, it's that nice! Definitely makes applying foundation so much nicer! 

The application? Back to comparing it to my foundation brush it goes on a lot easier. I'm not sure if I'm applying it right but I apply it in like round strokes? I've also noticed my foundation (MAC Pro-long wear) feels a lot more flawless and doesn't feel as though it's clogging up my skin like it use to do. 

Final comments. I may just actually keep buying this brush! I know the Real Techniques brush will probably be even better but for £1.19 I'm super super happy with it! So yeah, get on eBay and type in "Stippling Brush" and the world is your oyster!