Soap and Glory Review

Not so long ago I posted about my current skin care routine and that I loved the Gariner Pure collection, although I'm trying out another product doesn't mean I don't love it anymore I just like to keep my options open. On to the review!

After being bought a soap and glory collection for Christmas I wanted to give some of the other products a try, so with one of my resolutions being to improve my skin care I bought Scrub Your Nose In It. Now unlike some scrubs this one can be used as a face mask if it is left on for a little bit longer (5 minutes I'd say). At first glance you cannot see any of the little beads, making me a little dubious, but once you begin to work the scrub onto your face you can start to feel it working.

The smell for the first couple of times put me off, as I'm use to my Ganjer one not smelling, but its quite a minty smell and now after using it for a week it's definitely growing on me. However for me personally it may be a while before I can put up with the scrub being a mask because of the smell.

After feel, now if a scrub doesn't leave my skin feeling baby bottom soft I'm disappointed, but this one certainly does leave this lovely sensation, downside my skin after a while feels a little dry. Also one thing I have realised that my Garnier one doesn't do is my skin feels a little bit tighter? I gather that's the mask ingredients working there.

Final Comments - if you have more off combination/oily skin complexion I'd definitely recommend this product as for my dry skin I feel like I am having to put more moisturiser on afterwards. For dry skin? I'd recommend it but definitely not for daily use!

Week fourrrrrr

Admittedly I've been a little quiet on instagram so I've not been able to really post much of an update on here. However I'm back hurrrrrr!

First issue of HARD was released || Went out on a girls night
Someone else made me buy MAC || I had a terrible day so treated myself to bubbles, bath and tv
University work began again (heading off to the library when tennis finishes) || The first and hopefully last snow fell for the year

Payday wishlist

Payday wishlist

Why must pay day just come and go? It seems like forever since I last got paid! 3 weeks and 1 day (to be exact). I have to admit this is definitely a wishlist, when pay day comes back around I am definitely not going to be able to afford any of this! Stupid iPhone and iPad contract.

1. Mac Studio Fix Powder I had a small (£60) shopping trip to MAC last week and I have to say I have definitely fallen in love with the make up! Usually I'd not bother with a powder to finish off however if I was to buy this I would definitely be using powder a lot more!

2. Yankee Christmas Cookie Candle After raving over this for little over a month before Christmas, my mum bought me the smaller non jar versions for Christmas and I've now used them all up. Therefore I want a really big one! Also I reckon the jar would be pretty useful afterwards.

3. French Connection dress Working where I do, I am now constantly seeing loads of clothes that I REALLY want, but REALLY cannot have! Eg, this dress. It came in new today and I had the pleasure of putting it out and secretly hoping there would be something wrong with a size 10 so I could buy it. Alas it didn't.

4. La Senza Bra I really have a thing for pretty bras. 

5. Zara Embellished Clutch Your eyes are not deceiving you, this bag is actually £9.99!!!!! Okay so maybe I may just have to buy this bag. 

Concealer Boi-ing Review

About three months ago I had a make over at my local benefit counter and one of the products I treated myself to was the Benefit Boi-ing in shade 01. Even though I was fully impressed with the make over and the concealer it has just occurred to me that I had put it away in my make up case and has never been used, until now! Not being very make up savvy it wasn't until I had another make up tutorial at a MAC counter that I was told that it is best to use concealer around the eyes rather than foundation. Oopsie! So now I have dug out my Benefit concealer and I am yet again amazed with the results.

The before shot (ignore the untamed eyebrows!) all I have on my skin is a Garnier Moisturiser and Soap and Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes.

After shot - although this is my other eye, there is definitely no difference in my skin without the concealer. I have to say it definitely does what it says on the box! The slight dark circle has disappeared, it gives me an even skin tone around my eye and covers up some of the finer freckles!

Final Comments - As you can see from the pictures the concealer definitely does it's job and I have found even when I have finished university the concealer is still on! I've also been told from a friend that with daily use the product easily lasted her 3 months so for £16.50 that's only £5.50 a MONTH for this amazing product! I've also find that if I'm having an iffy day that dabbing a little on my t zone gives me perfect coverage for them lazy day.

Final comment part 2 - Go and buy it! 

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Review

After changing my look over Christmas I realised that my make up bag doesn't contain a shade of lipstick and now since buying one I honestly do not know what I've been doing beforehand! My first choice of lipstick of probably many was Rimmel London's Kate Matte Lipstick in shade 19 (£5.69). I find that with the matte effect my lips seem quite dry and as a result I'm constantly moistening my lips. Although saying this I still find that I can last pretty much all day (10-4) without having to reapply another layer.

What's your favourite matte lipstick or just lipstick in general?


Typically a topic that is now not news, however while everywhere else has had inches of snow, the snow in York was pretty pathetic. Although now it has finally arrived, yay!

So be careful lovelies!

Cath Kidston iPad Case Review

Usually with technology I'm not someone who is fussed about making sure they're protected, eg my iPhone hasn't had a case entirely and so far it has two minor bumps on the side, so I like to think I'm quite a careful person! However since being spoilt at Christmas and receiving a keyboard for my iPad, it has literally become my everything, I always have it on me. Bearing this in mind I thought I have to give in, look after and protect it. So I went all out and treated me (and the iPad) to a Cath Kidston case.

Being a newbie to Cath Kidston I'm not a really big fan of the flower print, however this is definitely growing on me! So I decided to start out subtle and being a polka dot fan I went with the navy and white polka dot case. One thing I have learnt from my few trips to a store is not to believe the packaging, as this is labeled as a "iPad Case" therefore making me think that my iPad 2 would not fit into the case. Luckily this wasn't so! (I shall continue this in a bit). The case is known as a normal cover, and not oil cloth which is known as the "waterproof" material. Not being a fan of the red and white smaller polka dot I have taken the chance with the lovely snowy weather, and so far has it has proved to be utterly waterproof, (not that I'd drop it in a puddle to test)! +1 to Cath Kidston

As hopefully you can see from the photo the inside has some cushioning, further protecting the iPad. I have actually accidentally, luckily whilst in the case, dropped my iPad :( and I'd like to think that because of the cushioning my iPad is still completely intact! +1 to Cath Kidston

The first photo is to show my iPad and it's keyboard together and how chunky it becomes and the second on it to demonstrate that it fits in perfectly. Now to the naming of the product, I'd definitely recommend taking your iPad with you, if you can, and seeing if your iPad will fit. However as my iPad and Keyboard (about 2cm high) fits perfectly, and technology is becoming smaller and thinner, anyone other iPad should have no problem fitting into an "iPad case" or "iPad 2 case".

Final comments : I LOVE it! I now happily carry this around in my arms and do not worry about dropping it or the hideous weather getting to my iPad. The downside for £30 it is a little pricey for what it is but I suppose being Cath Kidston that is expected!

Make up bag

Not long ago I posted a daily make up post and in a month a lot has definitely changed! Not only have I upgraded my bag and but also my make up (Yet again!).

Even though I adore the packaging on Benefit products I've found that for exactly the same price you can purchase better quality, longer stay products! Definitely recommend popping to your nearest MAC counter and grabbing a sample of a foundation! This said, I'm not completely leaving Benefit behind, I still have the odd products that I cannot live without.

An updated photo and post shall be coming soon on my opinions on MAC.

Week UnE

Seeing the new year with a new bedroom || Love my urban decay set
Treated myself to a French Connection Top || Finally submitted my assignment
Decided to take my skin care routine seriously || A Starbucks saved my life this morning

I've seen a couple of people do these kind of posts so I think I shall give it a try for a couple of weeks! Hopefully my life in photos is interesting enough!

Skin care routine!

Previously I've never given much thought to my skin care routine for my face, as I've been quite lucky growing up and not suffered from many spots! Which is surprising as to how much chocolate I use to eat! However now give me a deadline, whether it is for HARDzine magazine (shameless plug), or for university I become a face of spots. The most annoying one's being on my chin and then the lovely Buddah (sp? sorry!) spot.

So with my university assessment timetable being released, I have four 1,500 essays, one 3,000 word essay and two presentations, I am now taking my routine for my skin very seriously! So to start with I began with the Garnier Pure Facial Scrub. I have to say this product is amazing on it's own! As the saying goes my skin feels like a babies bottom, it makes it that soft! The smell with facial scrubs I've found can be quite unpleasant, however I can happily use this one and keep it on my skin for a few minutes without the smell making me feel icky! Down to it's actual purpose, the spots. Once I've used the scrub any of the spots are always dramatically reduced, however I've found the redness is still there!

The second purchase was the Garnier Pure Moisturiser, I already own a moisturiser from the avon however with my spot prone skin and the hideous winter weather I thought I'd upgrade and splash out. Matching this with the scrub has definitely helped my skin, not only is it a lot less dry but as the exam period is approaching my skin is not as spot prone, yay!

My third purchase is the Soap and Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes! I bought this because recently I have been having many sleepless nights and foundation and concealer are not even to cover my dark eyes. Every morning, rain or shine, sleep or no sleep, I apply this serum and I have definitely seen a difference in the skin round my eyes! Also my mum's friend use to apply an eye cream every day from being a teenager and can I just say for 60 odd years old she actually looks the same age as my mum 40! This reason alone should get any teenager/young adult using a moisturiser every day, who needs botox!

When my student loan arrives on Monday, YAY, I am definitely going back into boots, where I buy all of my items from, and purchasing the toner form the Garnier Pure Collection. Safe to say one of my New Year's Resolutions is to improve my skin care routine!