Outfit for today!

As I previously mentioned, I'm sorry! I've learnt that I should start scheduling posts and I shall do! Anyway, I've decided that I miss the fashion aspect of my blog and would be more than happy to get back into blogging fashion and etc!

Today's outfit is very sun inspired! It's the first day in weeks that the weather has hit double figures, yay!
The jacket and top are both from ZARA, and shall be featured in my ZARA haul post! The image of the top that is on here is actually the back, the front is just plain strips.
The jeans, I'm not a jeans kind of person since dislocating my knee, however these are the first pair that I have bought since and I am pretty impressed with them! One issue that I have when it comes to buying jeans is that in the leg they fit fine but round my waist they're just too big! Hullo back hole. But these jeans fit perfectly! Link here >>> JEANS I'm 99% sure these are them and only £30!

Sunglasses, these are definitely my trsuted sunglasses when they break I will cry. £3 from Primark and I've had them for three years now! They've survived Leeds Festival, Reading Festival and a holiday to Bulgaria. So here's hoping they last me till my trips to Tunisa and Paris!