New Purchases!

Definitely didn't go on a small shopping trip, it ended up as a rather large shopping trip with possibly more posts with my outfits from it.

I have to sadly to say that the clothing from urban outfitters had to go back, major sad face! I just didn't have any clothes to mix them with and I kind of ran my budget dry so couldn't buy anything to mix them with. So lets start with Topshop, I have to say I don't completely agree with some of the designs that are now around, eg the whole hipster look. Now I don't have anything against this look, as my best friend is and has been a hipster for a good four years, I just don't understand the whole shorts and tights with a cross top and converses. However this is what I treated myself to!

The purple jumper I had to go back and get the black version! If you love a chunky knit I definitely recommend this jumper! Surprisingly very warm as well.

Cath Kidston was purely a free gift which I couldn't believe! They were having a student lock in and if you found the ticket (one in the image) you received an item corresponding to that ticket, and I won a purse. YAY!

I have to say the item in the Disney bag was/is/forever will be my favourite purchase! £10 for this little bugger! He's adorable! To add to my pug obsession, like many girls, I love Disney!

And finally to get myself through winter, I indulged in some shoes (Primark) I'm unable to wear until January and a lovely fur hat! (Accessorize)

That my lovelies, that is all. More than likely adding a part two as I'm currently full of cold and just craving sleep!