Nails, Nails, Nails

I have to admit I am a girl who paints her nails, although it is only because I've found they are less prone to breaking with polish on. However I might just have changed my mind! See I've never been able to find a polish that simply just glides on, as you would expect, so I've never really been bothered by it, until today. My housemate for Christmas bought me a Topshop Nail Polish Set originally when I opened it I thought oh great this is going to be useless. So after days of pondering I have finally tried it and the outcome is amazing.

When putting the nail varnish on it isn't thick and gloppy so you don't have to take most of the varnish off of the brush before you put it on your nails. If you make a mistake it is incredibly easy to remove and with it being thin-ish (not too thin but not too thick) you do not have to wait hours waiting for it to dry, or put numerous coats on top of each other.

As it is quite a light colour I did put on two coats, however I think I waited a couple of minutes the first time and 5 minutes for the second coat, just to be safe. But overall I am super happy with my Christmas present and I am counting down the days until my student loan comes back in so I can go and buy looooads more!

If you want to buy the varnishes separately the gold is called crystal clouds, the glitter is called ice crush and the lilac is called parma violet.