Skin care routine!

Previously I've never given much thought to my skin care routine for my face, as I've been quite lucky growing up and not suffered from many spots! Which is surprising as to how much chocolate I use to eat! However now give me a deadline, whether it is for HARDzine magazine (shameless plug), or for university I become a face of spots. The most annoying one's being on my chin and then the lovely Buddah (sp? sorry!) spot.

So with my university assessment timetable being released, I have four 1,500 essays, one 3,000 word essay and two presentations, I am now taking my routine for my skin very seriously! So to start with I began with the Garnier Pure Facial Scrub. I have to say this product is amazing on it's own! As the saying goes my skin feels like a babies bottom, it makes it that soft! The smell with facial scrubs I've found can be quite unpleasant, however I can happily use this one and keep it on my skin for a few minutes without the smell making me feel icky! Down to it's actual purpose, the spots. Once I've used the scrub any of the spots are always dramatically reduced, however I've found the redness is still there!

The second purchase was the Garnier Pure Moisturiser, I already own a moisturiser from the avon however with my spot prone skin and the hideous winter weather I thought I'd upgrade and splash out. Matching this with the scrub has definitely helped my skin, not only is it a lot less dry but as the exam period is approaching my skin is not as spot prone, yay!

My third purchase is the Soap and Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes! I bought this because recently I have been having many sleepless nights and foundation and concealer are not even to cover my dark eyes. Every morning, rain or shine, sleep or no sleep, I apply this serum and I have definitely seen a difference in the skin round my eyes! Also my mum's friend use to apply an eye cream every day from being a teenager and can I just say for 60 odd years old she actually looks the same age as my mum 40! This reason alone should get any teenager/young adult using a moisturiser every day, who needs botox!

When my student loan arrives on Monday, YAY, I am definitely going back into boots, where I buy all of my items from, and purchasing the toner form the Garnier Pure Collection. Safe to say one of my New Year's Resolutions is to improve my skin care routine!