Oral-B 3D White Brilliance Review

I'll admit I have been a terrible blogger! However those of you that are in university will understand how much mid-term essays are a pain in the backside! Now though, I have got everything hopefully in order and I can resume blogging like I should do!

On to the review!

Now I understand that this isn't a typical blog post, however I thought that most people are put off and wary of these toothpastes that claim the somewhat impossible so why not give it a try? After all I am one of those people and sometimes I don't trust the reviews online!

The main reason I purchased this product was the endorsement from Holly Willoughby, as I see her as a person who wouldn't endorse a product unless it actually works! So my thoughts? The packaging is definitely eye catching, when I was looking down the dental aisle it caught my eye straight away.

So the tube? I have to say I'm somewhat surprised at how big the tube is, usually with these branded and expensive dental products they supply a large box but the tube is microscopic! I definitely reckon that this toothpaste can easily last me a month or so (well I'm hoping!).

The toothpaste? So I'm in love with this toothpaste just on appearance! Come on who doesn't like a purple coloured toothpaste to get the morning started? But anyway, my usual toothpaste had a smooth texture while this one has a slight gritty texture. At first taste it's a little weird for me but once I was brushing my teeth it no longer bothered me, so thumbs up! Also I have to say the lather (maybe, I know it's not soap but surely this is the right word) is amazing! You definitely only need a pea size amount on your brush unless you could be there for ages brushing your teeth. Thirdly, I know I definitely have a disliking to strong flavored toothpastes and admittedly the "radiant mint" was slightly concerning, anyhow yes there's a definite minty flavour but it is not overpowering at all!

Afterwards? My teeth feel stupidly clean! I brushed my teeth at say 9am ish and I have eaten porridge and a pain au chocolat and my teeth still feel as though I've just brushed them! So another thumbs up! Colour? My teeth aren't hideously yellow, but admittedly they're not squeaky white, and I have already noticed after one brush a slight difference in the colour, yay!

Final thoughts? Even after one brush I'm shocked at already noticing a slight whiteness in my teeth, so I'm looking forward to see if the 2 week challenge actually works! Price wise? Yes I have to admit it is slightly expensive at £3.49 a tube, but hopefully if the tube lasts me at least a month and it actually works it is definitely going to be one of my must buys!

I shall post an update in two weeks time with the results and hopefully I'll be a happy bunny!

Have you tried any whitening toothpaste before and did it work?