Week five

Went on my first night out in heels || my best friend bought a pug
I treated myself after a 12 hour shift || dragged myself to the library to study
Came down with cold || today I'm catching up on great British bake off.

For anyone that knows me, browses my Instagram or twitter will know that last August I dislocated my knee for the third time and I haven't been very amused ever since. Being only 5ft2 I try to wear heels as much as possible, especially on nights out, and last Tuesday I was finally tall!

The bottom two photos are me sympathising with myself, no matter what time of the year it is you can guarantee I will end up with an infection rather than a cold. So if anyone has any tips on preventing colds or speeding up recovery post them here please! I've already been through some strange ones such as drinking black cold tea, warm water and salt and the traditional honey and lemon. Here's hoping lemsip and whiskey works wonders!