Cath Kidston iPad Case Review

Usually with technology I'm not someone who is fussed about making sure they're protected, eg my iPhone hasn't had a case entirely and so far it has two minor bumps on the side, so I like to think I'm quite a careful person! However since being spoilt at Christmas and receiving a keyboard for my iPad, it has literally become my everything, I always have it on me. Bearing this in mind I thought I have to give in, look after and protect it. So I went all out and treated me (and the iPad) to a Cath Kidston case.

Being a newbie to Cath Kidston I'm not a really big fan of the flower print, however this is definitely growing on me! So I decided to start out subtle and being a polka dot fan I went with the navy and white polka dot case. One thing I have learnt from my few trips to a store is not to believe the packaging, as this is labeled as a "iPad Case" therefore making me think that my iPad 2 would not fit into the case. Luckily this wasn't so! (I shall continue this in a bit). The case is known as a normal cover, and not oil cloth which is known as the "waterproof" material. Not being a fan of the red and white smaller polka dot I have taken the chance with the lovely snowy weather, and so far has it has proved to be utterly waterproof, (not that I'd drop it in a puddle to test)! +1 to Cath Kidston

As hopefully you can see from the photo the inside has some cushioning, further protecting the iPad. I have actually accidentally, luckily whilst in the case, dropped my iPad :( and I'd like to think that because of the cushioning my iPad is still completely intact! +1 to Cath Kidston

The first photo is to show my iPad and it's keyboard together and how chunky it becomes and the second on it to demonstrate that it fits in perfectly. Now to the naming of the product, I'd definitely recommend taking your iPad with you, if you can, and seeing if your iPad will fit. However as my iPad and Keyboard (about 2cm high) fits perfectly, and technology is becoming smaller and thinner, anyone other iPad should have no problem fitting into an "iPad case" or "iPad 2 case".

Final comments : I LOVE it! I now happily carry this around in my arms and do not worry about dropping it or the hideous weather getting to my iPad. The downside for £30 it is a little pricey for what it is but I suppose being Cath Kidston that is expected!