Payday wishlist

Payday wishlist

Why must pay day just come and go? It seems like forever since I last got paid! 3 weeks and 1 day (to be exact). I have to admit this is definitely a wishlist, when pay day comes back around I am definitely not going to be able to afford any of this! Stupid iPhone and iPad contract.

1. Mac Studio Fix Powder I had a small (£60) shopping trip to MAC last week and I have to say I have definitely fallen in love with the make up! Usually I'd not bother with a powder to finish off however if I was to buy this I would definitely be using powder a lot more!

2. Yankee Christmas Cookie Candle After raving over this for little over a month before Christmas, my mum bought me the smaller non jar versions for Christmas and I've now used them all up. Therefore I want a really big one! Also I reckon the jar would be pretty useful afterwards.

3. French Connection dress Working where I do, I am now constantly seeing loads of clothes that I REALLY want, but REALLY cannot have! Eg, this dress. It came in new today and I had the pleasure of putting it out and secretly hoping there would be something wrong with a size 10 so I could buy it. Alas it didn't.

4. La Senza Bra I really have a thing for pretty bras. 

5. Zara Embellished Clutch Your eyes are not deceiving you, this bag is actually £9.99!!!!! Okay so maybe I may just have to buy this bag.