Soap and Glory Review

Not so long ago I posted about my current skin care routine and that I loved the Gariner Pure collection, although I'm trying out another product doesn't mean I don't love it anymore I just like to keep my options open. On to the review!

After being bought a soap and glory collection for Christmas I wanted to give some of the other products a try, so with one of my resolutions being to improve my skin care I bought Scrub Your Nose In It. Now unlike some scrubs this one can be used as a face mask if it is left on for a little bit longer (5 minutes I'd say). At first glance you cannot see any of the little beads, making me a little dubious, but once you begin to work the scrub onto your face you can start to feel it working.

The smell for the first couple of times put me off, as I'm use to my Ganjer one not smelling, but its quite a minty smell and now after using it for a week it's definitely growing on me. However for me personally it may be a while before I can put up with the scrub being a mask because of the smell.

After feel, now if a scrub doesn't leave my skin feeling baby bottom soft I'm disappointed, but this one certainly does leave this lovely sensation, downside my skin after a while feels a little dry. Also one thing I have realised that my Garnier one doesn't do is my skin feels a little bit tighter? I gather that's the mask ingredients working there.

Final Comments - if you have more off combination/oily skin complexion I'd definitely recommend this product as for my dry skin I feel like I am having to put more moisturiser on afterwards. For dry skin? I'd recommend it but definitely not for daily use!